I grew up in Argentina surrounded by dogs all my life. Moved to the US after graduating college and lived in Boston, Miami and currently in Seattle.

Our special rescue pit bull mix Miley (who has meningitis and is our foster failure pup we adopted from Seattle Humane), Dante our sweet Vizsla and my loving partner Paul, inspired me to take this big step and follow my passion: help more dogs get adopted by helping companies become a dog friendly workplace.
With 20+ years of experience in Human Resources in different international companies, as well as volunteering for Seattle Humane and Homeward Pet Shelters and having completed a certification in advanced behavior dog training, I decided to do a slight career chance and created

The benefits of allowing your employees to bring their furry best friends to work is so rewarding not only for the employee and their pet, but also for the company increasing productivity and teamwork, attracting and retaining talent, reducing stress and improving work life balance within other benefits.

My professional services, experience and passion for this topic will help you implement the best customized program to have a successful outcome being inclusive and making sure we also address some important aspects like allergies, fear of dogs, safety and liabilities.