Issaquah Law Group, PLLC is a general practice law firm located in Issaquah. As a general practice law firm, they offer legal assistance for everything from starting your own business to litigating cases for personal injuries caused by the negligence of others.  Remember, “When life gives you more than you handle, call Issaquah Law Group, your attorneys for life.”

ILG is also committed to community involvement, including the welfare of animals through such organizations as the Seattle Humane Society. Kathleen, the Firm Administrator, along with her husband, Troy Hunter, a co-partner of Issaquah Law Group is very supportive of volunteer commitments to Seattle Humane, allowing a flexible schedule for volunteer hours at the shelter and by being a dog friendly office. Not only do firm employees get to bring their dogs to the office but dogs that they are fostering are allowed to spend time in the office as well. This gives the shelter dogs a break from kennel life and also provides them with valuable socialization skills to assist them with placement. 


Kathleen is our Firm Administrator and volunteer at Seattle Humane, where she trains dogs and fosters with her husband, Troy, a co-partner of ILG.

“Having my dogs or one of the dogs from the shelter with me while I work brings a sense of calm and serenity to my work day. The pups also are great reminders for me to get away from my desk and take a walk around the block.”


Taking time away from my desk to practice training cues with the pups is always a fun way to break-up the work day. The pups love it as much as I do!


I like having Johnny at the office because I know he’s not stuck at home in his kennel, and anytime I need a puppy break to relieve my stress, he is ready and able.

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