With more than 20 years in the Human Resources field and a certified trainer in advanced dog behavior, we know what it takes to get things done in business as well as with our best furry friends! We’re able to create world-class solutions that incorporate more than just the procedures and policies that you need.

Our Mission is to increase productivity and employee satisfaction in the workplace, embracing the bond between humans and dogs.

Our services range from overall advice to full implementation and maintenance of the Program Dogs at Work, creating customized plan options that best suits your company needs.



• Run employee survey and analyze outcome to recommend best practice and what program would be successful keeping an inclusive environment

• Work with your landlord if applicable, to update any clause in the lease to allow dogs in the building, as well as safety aspects

• Design functional policies, procedures and liability release for a planful program



• Pet proof your work environment

• Determine frequency of allowing dogs at work: do we start with a day a month, a day a week or daily

• Address how to incorporate employees with allergies or afraid of dogs to feel comfortable with program by providing the right set up

• Dog application requirements and behavior standards of dogs allowed; in person assessments and reviews



• Training Program for all employees: dog owners and non dog owners

• Detailed communication plan

• Newsletters with highlights of program, status, enhancements, within others

• Bring Special Guest speakers from the Industry



• Dog Badges and system to track

• Database maintenance with reminders of any vaccinations updates or other requirements

• Implement a process for escalations for a smooth program management and department to address any incidents (i.e: HR, or Office Manager or your manager)